Benefits of an Online Ticketing System

July 19, 2021
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8 Top Benefits of an Online Ticketing System

A decade ago, service providers like aquariums, zoos, and travel agencies used to get calls or walk-in customers to receive bookings and appointments. Many people are still relying on the same methods to run businesses.

For many business owners, the world of the internet may seem to be still complex. Many leaders may feel intimidated to do things differently as technology continues to get better and better.

However, if leaders can get past that fear, it will be discovered how much the the digital space has to offer to allow a business to thrive. For example, companies that offer attractions and experiences receive bookings and appointments. Allowing people to book their ticket online in a seamless way is very important. Save your call center the overload of calls and offer a method that allows people to book exactly what they want and when they want it without having to talk to anyone.

If you’re still not convinced, keep reading more below about the wide variety of features an online ticketing system can offer. You cannot miss leveraging an online reservation system as you come to know the multiple benefits of the same. Though there are various advantages, we’re listing and describing the most compelling one for you.

Here are the benefits of an online booking system:

#1 Your business is running 24/7

Gone are the days of only being able to serve customers during business hours. Customers who want to book with you on the weekend or coming week may be too preoccupied with work on weekdays. So, they may not be able to take the time to visit you in person to make a booking. Online booking lets you leverage the vital benefit of making yourself available to take bookings throughout the day and at night. So, customers can choose a time that is convenient for them to book with you. This is a feature that Anchor can fully set up for you and seamlessly integrate into your existing website.

#2 Reduce call center workload

Using the call system of bookings, you or your staff would need to do a lot of tedious work on the count over the phone. Undoubtedly, it can take the entire day, and many things would still be left to do. Imagine using an automated booking system that lets a customer do the whole work for you.

On the flip side, when you use an automated online booking system, the customer will fill in all the needed information. But, with the right automation, the site would give an easy and convenient method of filling information effortlessly. The customer can choose the date, event, or other specifications that suit them the most. Then, they fill in all the relevant intimation, and the booking gets automatically logged into your system effortlessly.

#3 Eliminate human error

We’re human, we all make mistakes. Sometimes, it’s inadvertent due to a crackly line or misheard word. Other times, the numeral one gets down numerically in an instant, looking like 7; other times, the things may be noted down on the notepad but taken into the system. With only humans handling things, mistakes can keep happening. On the other hand, using an automated computerized system would eliminate most of the errors. A mistake may occur on the part of the customer, and technology may pass it on to you, but the tool won’t make an error. So, the next most prominent advantage of employing technology is fewer slip-up errors.

#4 Maximize reservations & minimize no-shows

An important fact to understand is that people who book online are most likely to attend the booking for events or visits. There are a few reasons for this.

They take time considering the booking to choose the most suitable date and time. Also, online booking systems will significantly lower the chances of human error. Moreover, the automated booking system also generates automated texts as emails to the customer to remind them of upcoming date bookings that have been made.

Besides minimizing the no-shows, customers will also check if openings are available for shows or visits. Again, this is a simple system to maximize your reservations. There is no need to anxiously look into bookings pages to check if the dates are available or not while you are on the phone.

#5 Help in upselling

Upcoming events of interest to you – This is what an online booking system asks the customers while booking their appointments. In this way, online booking systems also help in automating upselling. You can add to the list the features you want them to see with your current event booking. This is one of the best benefits of the online booking system. Depending on your business model, there are so many features to include as an upsell to ultimately benefit your bottom line.

#6 Receive payments online with complete security

In the best online platforms, you can include the feature of instant and secure payment. You can customize the system to receive costs upfront with the total price directly credited into your account. It’s necessary to have payment service providers with solid policies for fraud detection and dispute resolution.

#7 Enhances your online presence

Besides increasing your bookings, Online booking systems also help grow your online presence and customer base. Customers would readily give their contact information while booking. Using their demographic data, purchase history, and contact number, you can create an effective strategy for marketing. For example, you can inform them of your upcoming events and let them book for the same. Customers like the convenience the online bookings offer, and when they have an easy booking experience, their online reputation will grow.

#8 Gives data-driven insights

The booking automation system also gives you detailed reports and insight into important things for your business. For example, you can understand how many customers left the booking process midway. What are the most popular events with customers? And what are the most popular days, weeks to months, to get the bookings? You can get insight into all the data and create a strategy to cover all this. This may be related to improving the online user experience for booking or piquing marketing strategies. You may also tweak with the best service offerings, new pricing structures, or do other things.

How Can Anchor Operating System Enhance Your Business

The right online booking tool or system can make or break your business’ online booking efforts. Anchor Operating System offers you solutions that are developer friendly, easy to set up, and integrate with your existing system. It is easy to use for your workers and also your customers across a variety of devices. In addition, it allows instant and secure contactless payment via credit cards, GooglePay and ApplePay. Some example industries that Anchor serves include:

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