Exploring New Revenue Streams for Ferry Companies

July 19, 2021
3 min

In today's dynamic market, ferry companies must continuously innovate to identify and leverage new revenue streams. The maritime industry’s competitive landscape necessitates strategies that not only cover operational costs but also drive profitability. In this light, we explore various revenue streams accessible to ferry companies, emphasizing how the Anchor Operating System significantly facilitates this process.

Diversification of Services

Diversifying services provided on board and at terminals can significantly boost revenue. From offering premium seating and cabin options to providing rental services for equipment like fishing gear or binoculars, the possibilities are varied. Enhanced services like express routes or themed cruises can also attract different customer segments willing to pay a premium for these unique experiences.

The Anchor Operating System is designed to manage and facilitate the diversification of services seamlessly. Operators can easily set up, market, and manage these additional services through the system, providing a straightforward way to offer, track, and optimize them for maximum revenue generation.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Forming partnerships with local businesses, tourism boards, and other service providers can open doors to mutually beneficial revenue streams. These collaborations can lead to package deals, sponsored events, or even co-branded marketing initiatives, broadening the company’s reach and appeal.

Anchor’s platform supports effective management of these partnerships with features that allow easy tracking and reconciliation of shared revenues. Its integrated CRM system can also aid in managing relationships with partners, ensuring smooth collaboration and communication between involved parties.

Onboard Sales and Services

Onboard sales of food, beverages, merchandise, and duty-free items present lucrative earning potential. Offering exclusive products or partnering with renowned brands can enhance the ferry company's market image while driving sales. Additionally, providing services like Wi-Fi access for a fee can also contribute to earnings.

With Anchor Operating System, ferry companies can efficiently manage inventory, sales, and services provided onboard. The system supports the implementation of POS systems, streamlines inventory tracking, and offers dynamic pricing features, creating an environment conducive to onboard sales and service provision.

Digital Platforms and E-commerce

Leveraging online platforms for ticket sales, bookings, and other e-commerce activities is crucial. Offering online exclusive deals, gift cards, or loyalty programs can incentivize customers to use these platforms, generating additional revenue.

Anchor Operating System empowers ferry companies to capitalize on digital and e-commerce platforms fully. The system’s intuitive interface facilitates easy setup and management of online stores, gift card programs, and loyalty schemes, providing a comprehensive digital solution for ferry operators.

Exploring and integrating new revenue streams is imperative for the growth and sustainability of ferry companies in an ever-evolving market. With the innovative and supportive features of the Anchor Operating System, operators are well-equipped to navigate through the myriad of opportunities available, steering towards a horizon of profitability and success.

Uncover the full potential of your ferry company with diverse revenue streams, expertly managed and optimized with the Anchor Operating System. Discover more about how Anchor can transform your operations and profitability

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