Flight Board


Flight Board – Anchor Operating System


Finding the best ticketing platform for the aviation space is no easy task. Anchor has built a custom platform catering to all the needs of helicopter, sea plane and aerospace companies across the world. A lot goes into the booking process here. For example, weight distribution is a big factor determining how many people can go on a helicopter tour. In order to maximize revenue, Anchor handles all of these concerns on the backend. Leave weight distribution, flight board and the CG area to Anchor. The right people will be placed in the right seat for take off!


The flight board feature shows a list of all your aircraft models. The weight optimizer tool automatically moves people around to maximize seating for the given tour. View which seats are left, how much weight capacity is left, along with all other essential information.


Drag and drop features are offered here as well. You have the ability to move people around based on weight or just use the weight optimizer tool to maximize efficiency. All of this information is clearly shown directly within Anchor.


For example, if you go over on weight, everything will turn red in Anchor and it will show that you cannot fly. Adjustments need to be made from there.


Anchor has implemented all of the different aircrafts that exist and all of their center of gravity values. That way it is known when the tour is overweight, and it is not safe to fly.


Luggage and fuel weight are also taken into account here and can be viewed within Anchor as well.


Anchor strives to be the best booking software for the aviation world! To be able to have a flight board, weight optimizer and to be able to track of center of gravity ensures you are ready for take off!