GetYourGuide API Integration

An amazing perk of Anchor is access to our wide variety of API channels, including GetYourGuide. This past year we have been proud to be an Advanced Connectivity Partner of the Berlin-based company. We’ve worked alongside their team to create an integration that provides a seamless checkout and arrival experience for our guests and suppliers.

Who is GetYourGuide?

GetYourGuide is an online travel agency and online marketplace for tour guides and excursions. They offer access to tours around the globe and allow customers to book all their excursions in one spot so guests can plan trips with ease and never miss out on adventure. Listing your products on their site will put you amongst countless unique experiences such as cruises, walking tours, cooking classes, and more.

Why Connect Via API?

Our API integrations allow real-time inventory to be sent to our partners, give customers access to accurate availability, and provide live tickets to be used directly at the entrance of your event. You and guests don’t have to worry about creating manual bookings or being left without a spot.

You can enable each of your events with ease and can set API capacities or stop sales by the source so that you’re getting additional sales on the tours that need a bit more promoting and don’t waste any seats on the ones that don’t. Guests will only be able to book the events that have actual availability, so they’ll arrive with a reservation ready to go without any additional work from your contact center.

In addition to ticket times and quantities we can also pull necessary data such as dietary restrictions or mobility requests that are answered in the third-party checkout flows so your Anchor reservation has all the details you need.

Key Features

NEW: Price Over API

We’ve recently implemented this brand-new feature to allow price to be pulled directly from Anchor via the API. This alleviates the need to manually setup pricing in the GYG supplier portal and allows you to share variable and dynamic pricing.

To enable this new feature login to your GetYourGuide Supplier Admin Portal and go to the Pricing section. Here you will now see the option to connect to your booking system and configure availability and price automatically. For step-by-step instructions visit our support page: Set Up Price Over API for GYG

Cut Off Over API

Anchor also sends the cutoff time to GetYourGuide in the API response. This feature is key for avoiding last minute bookings you may not be prepared for. If you run an operation that requires more advanced notice for reservations you won’t have to worry about missing an order, the API will follow the cutoff time set by you.

Cancellations and Booking Changes

We know things don’t always go as planned on trips so it’s normal for a guest to have to cancel or transfer their tickets. We’ve built the features necessary to allow that, our advanced API will update reservations when any changes are made so if a guest cancels or moves their reservation you are opening those slots back up to maximize sales.

Our partnership with GetYourGuide allows us to offer clients a wider reach and access to an ever-growing list of new features to help smoothly boost sales.