Get Your Guide Price Over API

July 19, 2021
3 Minute Read

Price Over API Feature

To enable this new feature login to your GetYourGuide Supplier Admin Portal and go to the Pricing section. Here you will now see the option to connect to your booking system and configure availability and price automatically.

Setup in GYG Supplier Admin Portal

  1. Login to your Supplier Admin account
  2. Go to the Products dropdown at the top of the page and click Manage Product, then selectthe first product you are updating
  3. Select Edit Option on the product and go to the Pricing section on the left hand side
  4. You will see the option to connect your Booking Sytem. Choose Anchor from the dropdown menu then add the External Product ID (This is the propertyid_bookingTypeId from Anchor)
  5. Choose “Availability and Price” for the question on what you wan to configure automatically

        6. Next you will be prompted to create a new price block & configure pricing categories (Adult, Senior, etc.)

        7. Once finished hit save in the bottom right corner to publish your changes

GetYourGuide will now have access to your live pricing via the API.

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