How to Sell Event Tickets Online

selling event tickets online how to do it


How to Sell Event Tickets Online

When you have to sell tickets online, there are proven ways of doing it right and making the most of the sales. At Anchor iO, we offer integrated solutions for utilizing different methods of selling tickets online. So let us tell you how you can sell your ticket online.


Create Your Business Website

Your website gives you the best and most cost-effective online ticket sales solutions. You are not liable for profit sharing to vendors or other online platforms when you do it on your own website. Moreover, you have the convenience and freedom to share the information which is most valuable and in the right manner.


You will share the information about your venue, event, ticketing, and purchasing. With Anchor iO, we can do 100 % web hosting for you, integrating the best third-party platforms and bringing our more relevant traffic visitors interested in buying your tickets. As a result, we increase conversion on your websites.


Promoting Events

Having a social media page and maintaining and updating it is most important. Apart from that, if you want top sales, you must promote events on social media. It would help if you had links to tickets for your bio and other posts. It also helps you increase your competition, such as ticket gateways. It’s also vital to regularly post stories, pin posts, and share short videos. You must understand the right platform for your audiences, like Instagram and other places. Make sure that you also keep posting continuously and do it in a uniquely creative manner. Also, it’s important that sponsors run ads with links to ticket sales for events. It helps gain more traction involved in the event.


Offer Promotions

Discounts and fees on tickets for events and conferences are the greatest features buyers like. Therefore, it’s important to offer discounts, like early bird specials, promo codes, and multiple tickets offers to encourage people to purchase. Promotions are very important to get new customers to reward the exciting and old customers.


Email Campaigns

Emails campaigns are one of the best ways to reach out to your online leads. Moreover, you can keep customers posted about new developments and give them special offers and discounts through personalized emails. Email marketing works best when you consistently use logos, branding, and design that complement your business or event. Email outreach should be personalized, with buttons (CTAs) and text linked to the tickets. It’s necessary to be short and to the point. Give the option to your audience to unsubscribe and find out the most suitable time to send your email to the customers based on their online activity. An email marketing tool is also helpful for reporting and tracking the current rates, clicks, and other things.



Make It Simple

Booking your tickets should be a simple and fast process for your leads and prospective customers. It should not require more than 2-3 clicks for them to buy your tickets. So, the buttons should be clickable and highly visible. Moreover, this needs to be a user-friendly experience. Your website should be mobile-friendly and well optimized for the search engine.


You need to use contrasting colors and create a daily usable navigation system. Finally, make sure that you keep a minimum amount of pages. You also need to have integrated websites to get more ticket registration on your website through ticket widgets.


Create a Scarcity

Moreover, scarcity is the mother of value. Never put the tickets online in one go. Release them in small batches. To get faster purchases, you need to give time-limited offers.


Tracking Sales And Retargeting Ads

Some so many people cannot see through the completion of the process in one go. It’s important to track your users to retarget them. A data-driven approach for using the right insights is important for higher sales. Make sure that you optimize the ads to give higher sales.

Optimize the ads depending on sales and the information. Using strategies for ad targeting can improve sales. Moreover, retargeting is needed for more conversions to get more ticket sales online. Following these steps diligently can help you get the maximum revenue with your ticket sales. First, you need a strategy allowing you to carry out all steps together.


Leverage Video Content

The Kelsey Group research reveals that 21% of visitors on an online page would view a 60-second video and would surely make a purchase. Video content needs to be meaningful, related to your content, and it can increase your sales from 20% to 86%.

Leverage the popularity and authority of your event speakers to improve the marketing trust factors. A study shows that 42% of website users watched full videos of event speakers they liked. Promote your event by leveraging the power and talent of your event speakers.


Share Reviews and Testimonials From Earlier Event.

There is enough research indicating that 90% of people get influenced by positive testimonials for their buying decision. They will check the start from third-party websites. Adding customer testimonials to your ticket-buying landing pages can increase sales by up to 20-25%.


Using Anchor Sales Sales Tools.

The past five years in the U.S. witnessed a gradual increase of 8.3 % in ticket sales utilizing the best strategies and highly advanced software like Anchor.


You need a great ticketing platform, including your website and third-party integrations from the most popular platforms to sell tickets online. If you want to learn more about how to sell event tickets online, reach out to the team at Anchor iO.


Last Words

Anchor has all the streamlining of functions to give your functionality for all the above-listed things. It also provides you with several sales-related programs. We provide cost-effective packages for giving you integrated services for ticketing from the best platforms. We will also optimize your website for the maximum relevant traffic, give customer ticket insurance, live chat for feedback, and much more. Talk to our experts to get more information on Anchor customized ticketing software solutions.