Purchase Flow



Purchase Flow – Anchor Operating System


The Anchor ticketing platform provides everything you need in one place. Accompanied by an extremely user-friendly interface. Let’s jump into the purchase flow side of things here. It is essential to provide customers with peace of mind when booking their experience. Especially during these unusual times we have all been experiencing the past couple of years.


That is where ticket assurance comes into play. Give customers the confidence knowing they have the ability to adjust plans if needed. Within the Anchor platform, customers can seamlessly:

  • Change booking dates
  • Cancel for a full refund
  • Change tours
  • Add friends or family after purchasing
  • All without having to call and wait on the line!


All of this can be done without having to overload your call center or customer service team. Customers can easily adjust any of this information online themselves. Self-service at its finest! Allow your call center to focus on other aspects of the job. Not to mention the money you will save by allowing customers to make these changes on their own with a beautiful interface.


How can Anchor integrate with my website?


Easily embed anchor into your website with simple code. Is your website outdated and in need of a refresh? Anchor will even create a custom-built website for you with the ticketing platform directly integrated. Many customers absolutely love this part! Your product descriptions, images and other info can also be hosted within Anchor. Need to make a quick change to one of your product pages? Easily do so directly within Anchor. No need to login to the backend of your website while trying to figure out where to make the change.


Anchor also provides a beautiful booking widget that embeds directly on your product page. Give customers a calendar view to book the tour they want on the date they want. Other features can be added or hidden based on your needs.


Once the user begins the checkout process, additional questions are asked to further customize the experience and to provide additional options if needed. This includes accessibility notes, dietary restrictions and a number of other options that can be customized.


Looking for additional ways to generate revenue? Offer custom digital gift cards within Anchor. No need to spend money on physical gift cards. Give your customers the ability to purchase gift cards online for any occasion. There is also a section for coupons and vouchers to provide your customers.


Again, this saves the call center a ton of time by not overloading them with simple requests that users can instead handle themselves online.


As the user continues the checkout process, there is the ability to opt into email or even text messages if they would like to do so. This provides another great way to send out reminders for upcoming events or promoting a new product for example.


Next up is where ticket assurance comes into the picture! It’s truly a great way to give your customers flexibility knowing that they have options in case things change in the future. You can set your own custom rate for ticket assurance too, whether it is 5% of the ticket cost or 15% of the cost. Without having to take time away from your customer service team, customers can cancel, refund, move dates or switch tours all on their own.


As the final checkout stage is reached, additional payment methods can be added to further help drive revenue. For example, Google Pay or Apple Pay can be implemented. You may find in your reports that these features cut down on cart abandonment quite a bit! People want options to pay. Easily do so within the Anchor platform. Additional upsells can be added here as well! A great option for those looking to add last-minute features to take the experience to the next level.


Once the customer checks out, tickets are delivered immediately. No waiting around, wondering when that email is going to come through. The best part is the ticket delivery email can be customized! This is a great place to put all of the essential information for the tour so customers can reference it in the future when needed. From this email, customers can click the manage booking button and access their reservation online. Being able to view, change or even add more people! Have some friends that want to join the fun after telling them about it? Customers can login and add more people directly to the reservation. All of the info will already be filled out, no need to go through the whole checkout process again.


All of these features within the Anchor platform provide potential new avenues of revenue. Not to mention giving your customers full control over their experience. With the ability to change things around online themselves without having to call anyone on the phone.


Additional purchase flow features and always being worked on with the Anchor Team. The innovation does not stop!