Guide Portal/Shift Scheduling
Couponing of all types (2 for 1, dollar off, percent off, X for Y)
Event Builder
Salesforce CRM Integration
Barcode Randomization for Fraud Protection
Route Planning + GTFS
Revel Scooters, Curb Integration, and VIA Integration
Guest Food & Beverage items Ordering via Mobile & Fulfillment
Assets Tracking - Buses, Vehicles, Boats
Company Invoicing
Ride Requests like Uber
Photo Integration w/ Canon
Mass Cancellation
Tokenized Credit Cards
Text Messaging
Payment Plans with Uplift & Affirm
Channel Management
Printer Integration with Both BOCA + Epson
Automated Weekly BEOs
Integration with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Cashapp and Paypal
Turnstiles & Scanners with Infrared + Cameras
Customizable Proposals with Signature for Groups & Charters
Vendor Portal
Flight Board
Ticket Assurance
B2B Portal
eGift Cards + Costco Integration
Apple TV integration and apps Experiences
Self Serve Transfers + Refunds
Customizable SDK
Custom Websites on top of Wordpress
Dynamic Pricing with IF THIS THEN THAT
Custom Mobile Application
Drag-n-Drop Reporting
iPad POS and Box Office
Social Sharing Discount
Inventory Management


Simply put, Beacons offer another way to collect data on your customers to make better decisions in the future. They are very easy to set up and you can even get very granular in terms of placement. Next to specific products for example.A great use case to put your beacons around your experience to see how customers interact with your environment and products. For example, let’s say you operate a museum. Place a beacon at the door, another by the gift shop and a few more around the higher traffic areas. The customer logs into the app, types their name and then you can see them on the beacon board. View where customers went and how long they stayed there. See when they go to the next exhibit or what floors they are on. See how many people went into the gift shop. And conversely, see how many people did not go to a certain area.

All of this data can easily be viewed on the beacon board within Anchor. Noticing that everyone goes into the exhibit area? Let’s market that more! Overall, the best part is seeing how customers spend time and making decisions from there to maximize revenue.At events, there are often long lines for individual attractions. Customers get frustrated because they do not want to waste their time waiting in line. However, if businesses use beacon to track customers, they can reduce wait times.

When used at events, beacon can help organizers to track the movement of attendees and make sure that everyone is safe. It can also be used to collect data about foot traffic and event numbers. This information can be used to improve future event planning. Overall, using beacon to track customers at an event can help to improve customer experience by providing more safety and data.