Custom Websites on top
of Wordpress


The Anchor platform offers a built in CRM to manage your product pages including rich html WYSWIG and drag-n-drop image selection. For all premium clients we are able to develop a rich site with one of several designers that are on staff. After you have worked through a new custom design for your website we program it for you on top of Wordpress which is utilized by over 80% of sites on the internet today. We optimize the SEO around the website, optimize the Event Schema markup, the FAQ markup, and plug-in our SDK. This makes for a website that has optimal conversion and has been optimized for top ranking in Google, on top of a gorgeous design. We host the site with 100% uptime on Amazon S3 so that you don’t have to incur any additional hosting costs, database costs, or take on any security risks on the Anchor side as opposed to the client side. As a PCI Level 1 and ISO 270001 compliant company you never have to worry about your infrastructure, hosting, domain, or SSL as all of it is handled by our team here.