Payment Plans with/


Companies such as Affirm and Uplift have them an excellent job at being seamless providers within the checkout flow. If the product our client is selling falls higher than a particular threshold, say $500 then we start offering the ability to pay with payment plans. The payment plan integration qualifies a guest based on credit on the spot, allowing our client to collect 100% of the fees up front while the guest is paying gradually into the partner’s billing. This allows not just billing but also refunding as we exchange virtual cards with the partner.

While some credit cards charge interest on interest, Uplift only charges simple interest. We have a direct integration with Uplift which allows guests to budget with ease so they can manage their expenses over time rather than paying one large sum all at once. Uplift provides straightforward payment plans so the payment plans stay simple with no debt traps or compound interest. Uplift also provides the option to adjust payments when the unexpected occurs and you need flexibility with your finances.