Revel Scooters, Curb Integration, and VIA


Curb integrated with the Anchor platform in 2022 as part of the last mile integration with the New York City Ferry. This means that any operator on the Anchor platform may utilize the last mile integration to allow their guests to plan more than just the main trip but also how to get to their true final destination. Curb is changing the way people get around. Curb connects people to fast, convenient a nd safe rides from professional taxi and other for-hire drivers in cities nationwide. By bringing technology to the taxi experience, Curb is offering riders choice, reliability and convenience whenever they ride

A similar integration was done with Via Transportation, Inc who is a global public transport, logistics, and Transit Tech company headquartered in New York City. Via licenses its technology to cities, transportation authorities, school districts, universities, and private organizations to help build their own technology-driven transportation networks. It operates in partnership with over 400 local governments across more than 20 countries globally.

Last but certainly not least the Anchor team saw the growth in Revel and decided to also implement a partnership and integration with this provider. Revel is a dockless electric moped sharing startup based in New York City. It first started with a small pilot program in New York, later growing its fleet size in New York and expanding into Washington, D.C.