Vendor Portal


Invite your third-party vendors to Anchor, where they can access a robust set of essential operational features. On their customized portal, your vendors will have the freedom to review their upcoming events, with insights about how many passengers to expect per time slot, where they will meet them, any special requests or mobility issues they must be aware of, and when they need to have the guests safely returned.

They can also assign specific times to orders to ensure it aligns with their schedule – and our system ensures it will align with yours as well! You can set up a schedule for alerts, reminders, and a final event manifest to make certain your vendors have as much – or as little – visibility as you choose. This innovative vendor portal automatically tracks and organizes every step of the process to help alleviate any confusion!

Transparent Approval

And, we’ve taken it a step further by allowing the vendors to have a hand in the process, freeing up some much-needed time for your operational department. You can choose to give your vendors the opportunity to approve each order as it comes in – directly from their email or dashboard. If they have concern regarding a specific order, they can easily place the order on hold and provide feedback that is instantly shared with your operations team for review.