Aquarium Ticket Reservation Software

Anchor is more than a ticketing platform for your aquarium. It is a cloud-based control panel that manages the integration of 3rd party partners, ingestion of all data, and production of centralized solutions.

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Designed to make purchasing and scanning fast and easy!
Physical & Digital Cards: Allows members the flexibility to carry a physical or digital copy of their membership card.
Membership Data: Our custom reports will give you items such as contact information, expiration date, number of times the member has used their membership, and sales of memberships.
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Created with your business in mind!

Zoos and Aquariums are unique businesses with lots of complexities. Anchor created features geared towards making the complex, easy!

Round-Up for Donation

Anchor offers guest the option at checkout to round-up their total to the nearest dollar with the difference being a donation.


Beacons offer another way to collect data on your customers to make better decisions in the future.

Couponing of all Types

Anchor’s coupons feature offers multiple options so you’ll be able to setup any discount or promo you need.

Scanners with Infrared + Cameras

Our scanning tool, the Anchor App, will give you the ability to scan a QR code for easy check-in.
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The anchor operating system offers a robust ticketing platform for aquariums. A truly hassle-free way offer your customers a seamless experience from booking online to scanning their ticket at the door. This aquarium booking software provides you with all the vital information like the date specific prices, itineraries, add-ons and a calendar view for the given event. Once you embed Anchor onto your website, it offers your customers an entirely new and improved experience. Cut down on the amount of calls to your customer service team and allow customers to take action themselves online. Someone needs to change the date for their event? No worries, they can do it in Anchor. No need to overload your customer service team.

What Makes Anchor a Top Choice for Aquarium Management Software?

Anchor Operating System has a robust payments platform with a cloud-based control panel managing third-party integration data storage and organization and offering insights and solutions.


Anchor Operating System is a reservation system that aquariums can thrive in and allow you to build out schedules and pricing with features such as:

  • Custom date ranges
  • Variable or dynamic pricing
  • Unique ticket types
  • Route options
  • Route options

And sales source availability.

Advanced Technology Solutions for Aquariums Ticketing Management

Anchor allows for embedding immersive designs in your aquarium booking software that attract customers, coaxing them to make an instant booking. An aquarium is the most exciting place for children and families to look forward to happy moments. A real-time glimpse of their favorite marine life along with advanced technology features that gives them an almost real-time experience helps them make a quick booking decision.

This software allows customers to make instant ticket bookings and look at all the details of events. Simply put, you get a state-of-art system in Anchor that offers your customers a seamless journey from booking online to scanning their ticket for entrance.

Easy Payments

Anchor provides simple and quick navigation for payment processing. This is done through secure and trustworthy payment gateways with multiple payment portal options allowing customers to feel comfortable with the online booking system. The software will allow your aquarium event ticketing to benefit from touchless payments through credit cards, ApplePay, and GooglePay.

No matter the industry, customers can abandon their cart if the checkout process is not smooth. This Anchor ticketing system software is designed to make booking and ticketing your aquarium events a swift process.

Extra Features for More Business

The innovation with the Anchor team is always ongoing. In need of a new feature? Work with the engineering team to make it a reality. If your Aquarium is a part of other travel packages, you Anchor can offer an API to sell additional products. It’s also a travel management software you can easily use in collaboration with travel agents or online travel agencies, providing custom online booking solutions for global bookings.

Cost-effective Event Booking Software

Customers can book directly with you with a seamless integration of the Anchor SDK. This means you are getting commission-free long-term solutions to enhance your booking and popularity with customers across the region and the globe.

Insightful Software

Anchor aquarium management software also gives insight into customers who invested most with you and the channels bringing you the most bookings and most popular events. It helps you plan your future events more smartly. You can discover what is popular with customers.


The live chat feature helps you get feedback from customers. You can also access the operation reports of booking and ticketing at any time and do a comparative analysis for peak season and innovations that attract customers more. This is the best part of this booking and ticketing API integration by Anchor OS.

The software is made for mobile-friendly design and allows customers to access you 24*7 for event booking of your Aquarium.

The software provides:
  • Event booking portal
  • Ticket Assurance and inventory management.
  • Customized Email Communications
  • Dynamic event insight modules
  • API integration for Ferries tour packages
  • SEO friendly features
  • Mobile responsive functionality
  • Advanced reports features
  • Swift tour and event booking
  • Automation for markup, refund, cancellation, or commission

The automated ticketing software for Aquariums helps you make the most of multiple sales channels like a call center, front desk, B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, and more. It’s a low-cost and practical software for online booking tickets and events. It comes with XML, GDS, and Travel API integration. In addition, it gives you complete peace of mind with all data in one place through a comprehensive Aquariums booking management system and an efficient reporting module.

Next Level Functionality

Anchor aquarium booking software lets you overview your sales, visits, and traffic channels and bring you bookings. They are also helpful for your accountant, who can get a complete and clear insight into your sales with Excel-like tool sets helping in an audit.

Developer Friendly

Smart, powerful API allows you to sell aquarium tickets across multiple channels through direct integrations. It is compatible with Expedia, GetYourGuide, Google Things To Do, Musement, Viator, and more.

Aquarium Ticketing Management System FAQs
How long does starting with the Anchor Aquarium management system setup take?

Just give us six weeks to give you a completely customized Anchor platform for your Aquarium.

My Aquarium Business is complex. Can Anchor prove helpful?

Yes, Anchor Aquarium Operating System is designed to sort complex needs, offer simple solutions, and grow your business. It has multiple features to facilitate booking for Aquariums ticketing. Tell us more about your Aquarium, and let us guide you about the most suitable features for your business.

How does Anchor integrate with our aquarium website?

You can choose to let us host your web service or give us a simple SDK embedded on your site.

What is your pricing structure?

You can choose from our two pricing structures, at 4% and 7% of web-based sales. We’ve done this to help you find the best choice for your business. Learn more here.

What third-party apps do you integrate with?

Our third-party integrations include Viator, Musement, GetYourGuide, Expedia, CityPass, GoCity, Tiqets, Google Things To Do, Ventrata, and Rezdy. You may choose any anchor packages to get access to all these integrations.

What support is included?

Our Aquarium clients get tech support giving help within 24 hours from a dedicated team to your project. In addition, you get access to a support portal. Our premium package allows you additional access to a dedicated Slack channel.

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