Bus & Trolley Ticket Software

Anchor is more than a ticketing platform for your bus or trolley tour business. It is a cloud-based control panel that manages the integration of 3rd party partners, ingestion of all data, and production of centralized solutions.

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Scanning Tickets

Created to cut long lines by fast and easy scanning
Anchor App: Allows employees to easily scan guests tickets, look up bookings, or view all orders.
3rd Party Scanning: Our validations APIs with companies such as CityPASS and Sightseeing Pass, guests are able to bypass the ticket window and head directly to entry.
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Anchor operating system is made to address the new challenges the Bus & Trolley Tours Businesses face in their market vertical. It brings you traffic from all possible channels and allows for keeping track of bookings and event ticketing most conveniently. This booking software gives you all the vital information to track your sales and data for critical information like preferred price point, itinerary, and the events users are highly interested in. Integrating this software with your website allows you to give your customers a great deal of convenience to make instant bookings with you. It is a sureshot way to boost your revenues.

What Makes Anchor Operating System Top Bus & Trolley Tours Management Software?

Anchor Bus & Trolley Tours event ticketing software has an encrypted and secure robust payment platform to allow seamless checkouts with cashless transactions via credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple pay. In addition, it has a cloud-based control panel to allow for third-party management with data storage and intelligent intelligence to give the right insights and solutions.


Anchor Operating System is Bus & Trolley Tours reservation system software that lets you build schedules and has various unique features, such as:

  • Setting Custom Dates
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Unique Ticket Types
  • Giving Customers Route options

And insights on sales source availability.

Advanced Technology Solutions with Bus & Trolley Tours Ticketing Management

Get More Sales

Anchor has a vested interest in bringing success to your company. We use the latest technology and techniques to bring you more relevant traffic from all sides, giving you more leads, bookings, and manifests. Alongside, we build your brand.

With our immersive design features, we offer your customer the best views of what you have to provide to them. We draw them to your business and website.

Mobile Ready

With Anchor, you can allow customers to book from anywhere and anytime. This user-friendly experience for your customers makes them revisit you and become recurring customers. The payments are completely secure with moth checkout flow on mobile devices. The software will also save your customer’s billing information for the next time (with their consent).

Anchor provides you a customized dashboard giving you complete access to all the information on your booking you get, earnings, price point showing best results, the days with maximum bookings, and the platforms with the most number of bookings. Also, it tells you about the customers making the highest investment with you, the location people prefer to visit, the geographic locations that give you the most booking, and much more. Furthermore, you can access all the information on your mobile app anytime.

Extra Features for More Business

Anchor provides for custom programs to allow you to benefit from your collaboration with other businesses like travel and tour agencies. We need to understand how you want things to flow and help you make the most of your joint efforts to bring a profit point to your business. Anchor allows for global bookings with ist Bus & Trolley Tours Ticketing and Booking System.

Cost-effective Event Booking Software

Our effective API integration lets your website get direct traffic from multiple platforms. As customers book directly on your website, you get cost-effective common-free long-term booking and ticketing solutions that give you more leads, sales, and sales in each event. You also earn brand loyalty.

Insightful Software

Anchor Bus & Trolley Tours management software provides excellent astute insight into how you can benefit from customer behavior trends, market trends, and newer opportunities or by introducing unique descriptions for itinerary or suitable dynamic price options. Anchor uses all hints it gets through data collected about your business online and in your cloud storage to give intelligent insights.

Gives You Direct Feedback from Customers

Anchor’s live chat features allow you to get direct feedback from your customers. You can answer their queries and encourage customer interactions using this chance to give a user-friendly experience. Live chat also allows you to provide customers first-hand information about upcoming events and special discounts just for them wherever feasible. In addition, customers can access you 24 *7 through the live chat feature and make a booking for Bus & Trolley Tours on your website round the clock.

Anchor trolley & bus ticketing software provides:
  • Event booking portal
  • Ticket Confirmation Details and Inventory management
  • Customized Email Communications
  • Dynamic event insight
  • API integration for Ferries tour packages
  • SEO friendly features
  • Mobile responsive functionality
  • Advanced reports features
  • Swift tour and event booking
  • Automation for markup, refund, cancellation, or commission

The automated ticketing software for Bus & Trolley Tours helps you manage your sales from different online and offline points of sales such as call centers, office desks, B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, and more. This convenient and low-cost software gives you more bookings and sales from online sales, directly and indirectly enhancing your offline sales. The software comes equipped with programs such as XML, GDS with integrated Travel API. Additionally, with all your data stored securely online, this comprehensive Bus and Trolleys Ticketing system provides for a top-class management system with an efficient reporting module.

Enterprise Level Functionality

Anchor operating systems Bus and Trolleys management software gives you a complete overview of your sales, visits, and traffic channels, bringing you the most bookings. Anchor also yields reports that prove helpful for your accountant giving a clear insight into your total number of bookings and sales. Its Excel-like tool help to this end to make your business accounts audit ready.

Developer Friendly

You have an intelligent, smart, powerful API compatible with multiple channels that conclude but are not limited to Google Things To Do, Expedia, GetYourGuide, Musement, Viator, and more.

Bus & Trolley Ticketing Software FAQs
How long does starting with the Anchor Bus and Trolley Tours management system setup take?

We need only six weeks to provide you with a comprehensively customized Anchor platform for your Bus and Trolleys Tours Business.

By Bus and Trolley Tours Business is complex. Can Anchor prove helpful?

Anchor Bus and Trolleys Tours Operating System are designed to serve your complex needs to give you simple solutions to enhance your business. In addition, the software has various features to help book the Bus and Trolleys Tours ticketing. Tell us more about your Bus and Trolleys Tours that let us understand the highly convenient business features.

How does Anchor integrate with our Bus and Trolley Tours website?

Let us do 100 % web hosting, or give us the SDK embedded within your site is up to you.

What is your pricing structure?

We have two pricing structures that stand at 4% and 7% of web-based sales to help you find the best choice for your business. Learn more here.

What third-party apps do you integrate with?

Our third-party integrations cover most platforms and include but are not limited to Viator, Musement, GetYourGuide, Expedia, CityPass, GoCity, Tiqets, Google Things To Do, Ventrata, and Rezdy. You get the integration to all these platforms and more with any of our packages.

What support is included?

Our Bus and Trolleys Tours clients get complete tech support to give you help within 24 hours through your dedicated team. Also, you can access a support portal. Clients opting for our premium package get additional access to a dedicated Slack channel.

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