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Anchor is more than a ticketing platform for your cruise company. It is a cloud-based control panel that manages the integration of 3rd party partners, ingestion of all data, and production of centralized solutions.


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Updated 3/14/23

Anchor operating system helps you get more bookings for your cruise business, whether it is overnight or dining cruises. Anchor customizes the operating system to suit your business needs, whether event management or getting a complete account on event ticket bookings in a straightforward manner. Dining Cruises booking software with features such as dynamic pricing, itinerary, and events your users want to book. With Anchor, you give your customers the luxury of making instant bookings for your dining cruises events.


What Makes Anchor Operating System Top Dining Cruises Management Software?


Anchor Dining Cruises event ticketing software offers a robust payment platform with complete encryption, API integration to third-party platforms to reach relevant traffic, and cloud-based control panel storage for all your business data. Also, it offers solutions and insights to enhance sales.




Anchor Operating System is Dining Cruises reservation system software allowing you to customize events and offers quickly. It has features such as for scheduling and pricing, such as:

  • Custom date ranges
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Unique ticket types
  • Route options

And sales source availability.


Advanced Technology Solutions for Dining Cruises Ticketing Management


Get More Bookings


Team Anchor works with a vested interest in your company’s success. We work to make your operations more accessible and make every effort to enhance your business. With a state-of-the-art customized system, you get booking from customers from various platforms.


Mobile Ready

We make your website mobile ready, so your customers can book anytime and anywhere through a mobile-ready website and seamless checkout flow. In addition, your website integrated with Anchor API can get contactless payment via credit cards, GooglePay and ApplePay. It will also store your customer’s billing information for later.


Your Personalized Dashboard


Anchor Dining Cruises software app gives you a personalized dashboard with ready access to the information that matters to you. For example, the number of bookings daily manifests, exclusive reports, best price point, customers making the most investment, popular discount codes and channels bring your most leads, and much more. You can get all their information anytime on your iOS device or any mobile web browser.


With features such as an immersive display of your Dining Cruises and events, easy navigation, minimalist seamless checkout, and an intuitive functioning interface, customers can get a user-friendly experience. A long booking and payment process frustrates customers, who may leave the payment process in between. But, with Anchor API integration, smooth website checkout reduces cat abandonment and improves the revenues of Dining Cruises business with a swift ticketing system.


Extra Features for More Business


When you’re partnered with other kinds of businesses, we can also help you get more sales and relevant traffic to your set from the collaboration. Team Anchor customizes the online event booking and online ticket reservation from global clientele. We take you to your customers and let your customers reach out to you and book with you.


Cost-effective Event Booking Software


As customers book directly with you via your website, you get business solutions that bring you more sales and revenues daily. With our work on digital marketing strategy, you get benefits from several aspects like SEO and local marketing and more to reach your target demographics.


Insightful Software


Anchor Dining Cruises management software, through its intelligent analytics, gives an insight into how your customers invest on various channels to provide you with the maximum number of bookings for trendy events. With these intelligent solutions, you can plan your future events to give you more leads and revenues. Find out what customers like the most and plan accordingly.


Feedback features


Anchor’s live chat feature helps you seek direct feedback from customers or answer their queries. You can also offer discounts or deals directly to chat to help you boost sales. Anchor gives you all features to increase user engagement and form an inclusive digital marketing strategy to get them on board.


The mobile-friendly design lets customers access you 24*7 for event and ticket booking of your Dining Cruises.


The software provides:

  • Event booking portal
  • Ticket Assurance and inventory management
  • Customized Email Communications
  • Dynamic pricing and event insights
  • API integration for Dining Cruises tour packages
  • SEO friendly features
  • Mobile responsive functionality
  • Advanced reports with insightful solutions
  • Swift dining cruises tours and event booking
  • Automation for markup, refund, cancellation, or commission


This automated ticketing software for Dining Cruises also helps you in better business management. You can track offline and online booking from various Points of sales such as your front office desk, call center, and website and several types of sales of channels such as B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, and more.




Anchor is a low-cost and real-time software to give you online booking for tickets and events. It provides complete transactions and operations reports through XML, GDS, and Travel API integration. You get all the data in one place using a comprehensive Dining Cruises booking management system equipped with a highly efficient reporting module.



Next Level Functionality


Anchor Dining Cruises management software lets you overview your sales, visits, and traffic channels and bring you bookings. They are also helpful for your accountant, who can get a complete and clear insight into your sales with Excel-like tool sets helping in an audit.


Developer Friendly

With a robust and highly interactive API, you can sell Dining Cruises tickets across various channels via direct integrations. In addition, Anchor is compatible with platforms including but not limited to GetYourGuide, Google Things To Do, Expedia, Musement, Viator, and more.





How long does starting with the Anchor Dining Cruises management system setup take?

We need about six weeks to give you a customized Anchor platform for your Dining Cruises.


My Dining Cruises Business is complex. Can Anchor prove helpful?

Yes, the Dining Cruises Operating System is designed to resolve the complex needs of businesses like yours with easy solutions to grow your business. Its multiple features facilitate Dining Cruises ticketing and booking online. Tell us more about your Dining Cruises Business so that we can give you more information on the best app features for your business.


How does Anchor integrate with our Dining Cruises website?

It all depends on your choice. Either you can let us do 100 % web hosting for you or provide us with the SDK embedded on your site.


What is your pricing structure?

We have two pricing structures, at 4% and 7% of web-based sales. They are made to suit your business needs. You can choose the one most suitable for you. Learn more here.


What third-party apps do you integrate with?


Our third-party integrations cover most of the channels. They include but are not limited to CityPass, GoCity, Tiqets, Google Things To Do, Musement, GetYourGuide, Viator, Expedia, Ventrata, and Rezdy. In addition, you may choose any anchor packages to get access to all these integrations.


What support is included?


Our Dining Cruises business clients can receive support within 24 hours from a team dedicated to their project. Additionally, our clients can also access a support portal. Clients going for a premium package get additional access to a dedicated Slack channel.


More about the Cruise Industry

Ticketing software can help cruise operators streamline their operations and enhance their customer experience. With ticketing software, cruise operators can automate the ticketing process, reducing the time and resources needed to manage ticket sales manually. Passengers can purchase tickets online or through mobile apps, eliminating the need for long queues and paper tickets. This can help improve the overall customer experience by reducing wait times and simplifying the ticketing process.

Ticketing software can also help cruise operators improve their revenue management. With real-time data and analytics, operators can adjust ticket prices based on demand, optimize seating and capacity, and manage their inventory effectively. This can help operators maximize their revenue potential and ensure that their ships are running at optimal capacity. Additionally, the data collected by ticketing software can provide valuable insights into passenger behavior and preferences, helping operators to better understand and meet the needs of their customers.

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