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Anchor is more than a ticketing platform for your zoo. It is a cloud-based control panel that manages the integration of 3rd party partners, ingestion of all data, and production of centralized solutions.


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Encore Studios by Hornblower is the amazing team dedicated to creating quality software, integrating third-party partners, ingestion all data, and producing centralized solutions for the transportation and hospitality industry
Anchor operating system apps for Zoos bring you more business and increase your revenues. The app lets you keep track of all event ticketing bookings in one platform, giving all information in the most sorted manner. This Zoos Booking Software enables you to work on all essential factors determining the sales through features like dynamic pricing, events, adjusting timings per time of year, and giving customers instant response and feedback. Anchor Zoos Tours Ticketing Software lets customers book with you in an instant. It draws them and keeps them hooked to the book swiftly.


What Makes Anchor Operating System Top Zoos Management Software?


Anchor Zoos event ticketing software has an encrypted payments platform, a comprehensive cloud-based control panel for third-party integration management, vital data storage and backup, intelligent analysis, insightful solutions feature, and much more.



Anchor Operating System is Zoos reservation system software allowing your business manager to create event scheduling and pricing that brings in more costumes. It has several useful features, such as:

  • Custom date ranges set up
  • Dynamic pricing module
  • Unique ticket types with inventory management
  • Route options for customers

And sales source availability.


Advanced Technology Solutions for Zoos Ticketing Management


Get More Bookings

Anchor makes every effort to harness the maximum for your business. We analyze the website’s needs and business requirements and get the traffic flowing with the right strategies. Our vested interest is a solid reason to bring you the maximum number of leads, conversions, and high revenues. As a result, you get guaranteed improvement in sales.


Mobile Ready

Anchor gives you a mobile-ready online business where prospective customers can access you 24*7 to book Zoo visits from any place. We encompass immersive features of how the zoo visits will actually feel like letting your customers enjoy a slice of the day with you. An easy checkout flow ensures customers can make an instant booking. Anchor allows customers to make cashless transactions through credit cards, GooglePay, and ApplePay. Your Anchor Zoos Software will also secure your customer’s billing information for use in the future.


Customized Dashboard

The Anchor app gives you a customized dashboard with the freedom to check operations reports at any time in an accessible manner. Access your pertains reports, check sales, check customers making most investments, traffic flow, leads, manifests, and more.

The app lets you customize the way visitors experience your business online. We make navigation better, checkout flow minimalist and seamless, and Email customization and retargeting keep customers re-engaged or returning to complete a transaction if they left midway. There is so much you get with Anchor app customization that it serves as the best Zoos ticketing system software you have ever tried. It is made to give you more bookings.


Extra Features for More Business

We customize them with immersive zoo tours and help you make the most of your business joint ventures with other businesses such as travel agencies. We create strategies to bring you more business and ticket reservations per your requirement. Through several third-party integrations, you get the maximum traffic. In other words, we reach out to your customers and land them on your website for direct bookings.


Cost-effective Event Booking Software

Anchor Zoo’s ticketing and booking software allow the customers to book through your website itself. You do not have to pay for setup or monthly fees. All you pay is 4 % or 7 % of your web sales, with packages fitting your business needs. You get a highly cost-effective way to convert traffic with partners who will surely work for your success.


Insightful Software

Anchor Zoos management software also offers data-driven insights from the cloud-based storage data for your business. In addition, the intelligent software highlights any glitches in the function as a possible quick solution. Moreover, all upgrades in your system are done at the right time without you having to worry.


Customer Feedback

Anchor’s live chat feature lets you get direct feedback from the customers. You can answer their queries and resolve them most intelligently, offering personalized discounts to earn a customer. All our features are giving you the benefit of the brand building directly or indirectly. In the end, you stand out as a strong brand with the best offerings to make to your customers.

Anchor zoo ticketing software provides:

  • Event booking portal
  • Ticket Assurance and inventory management.
  • Customized Email Communications
  • Dynamic event insight modules
  • API integration for Ferries tour packages
  • SEO friendly features
  • Mobile responsive functionality
  • Advanced reports features
  • Swift tour and event booking
  • Automation for markup, refund, cancellation, or commission

Anchor OS automated ticketing software for Zoos brings you leads and manifests from multiple third-party integrations that matter the most in your market vertical. This software also allows for business management through s managing points of sales from various channels like the call center, front office desk, B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, and more.

This is your customized low-cost, and practical online Zoos ticketing and events booking system having XML, GDS, and multi-channel API integration. The reporting module gives you comprehensive and transparent reports, audit-friendly and clear reports.


Enterprise Level Functionality

Anchor Zoos management software completes accounts of operations, performances, and sales per day, per month, or as per period you specify. Its Excel-like tool set also gives you a complete account of your visitors, organic and paid traffic and best investors, best channels for traffic, and much more. It is equipped with all the information you need to carry out smooth operations and make improvisation in the coming time to beat the competition.


Developer Friendly

This highly effective API allows you to sell Zoos tickets through several third-party integrations. Anchor API is compatible with Expedia, Musement, GetYourGuide, Google Things To Do, Viator, and more.


Zoo Management Software FAQs


How long does starting with the Anchor zoo management system setup take?
We need about six weeks to develop customized Anchor software for your Zoos business entirely.


My Zoo Business can be complex. Can Anchor prove helpful?
Anchor Zoos Operating System help gives solutions to complex businesses like yours. We have several features to make companies get enterprise-level functions for easy business management and more sales. Tell us more so we can fish out the best features of your custom app to help you make the most of your different channels to grow your business.


How does Anchor integrate with our Ferries website?
You can let us handle complete web hosting for you or just give us the SDK embedded on your site.


What is your pricing structure?
We offer two pricing structures, at 4% and 7% of web-based sales. You can opt for the one that complements your business needs the best. Learn more here.


What third-party apps do you integrate with?
Anchor OS third-party integrations often have apps in its fold, including Tiqets, Musement, GetYourGuide, Google Things To Do, Viator, CityPass, Expedia, GoCity, Ventrata, and Rezdy. You get all these integrations irrespective of the Anchor package you choose.


What support is included?
Our Zoos Business clients get support within 24 hours with a dedicated team allowing access to support. In addition, our premium package lets clients get additional access to a dedicated Slack channel.

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